IP Phone System

An IP Phone System used to be only available to the large enterprise customers.

Today a small and medium business has access to features which only a couple of years ago where unattainable. These additions, voicemail to email, the ability to change IP Phone configurations over the web and many more features allow companies to increase productivity as well maintain a competitive advantage with their competition.

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IP Phone System

IP Phones play a very important role in the success in the implementation and use of your IP Phone System. An IP Phone can be considered a traditional handset, a softphone on your computer, or an application on your mobile phone.

By allowing all these different types of IP Phones to function as one common extension to your customer, you provide a high-level of connectivity to your business. With this increased connectivity, you get a higher level of satisfaction and level of sales.

Clarus Communications understands the impact on productivity an IP Phone System can bring to company. A business phone system is a big decision and Clarus Communications is here to help.

Affordable phones, unified messaging, lower service costs and reliability are part of the new IP Phone System which makes customers want to implement this new technology.

We have over 45 different Telecommunication Providers and IP Phone System Providers to ensure we match your needs together with the appropriate new IP Phone System.

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