Hosted PBX

Do you host you own website on servers at your business?
Do you host your own music files or are they located at iTunes?

If the answer is yes, well then you are utilizing something that is hosted.

Clarus Communications can help you with Hosted PBX!

Hosted PBX System or VoIP PBX systems are phone systems which are centrally located at a telecommunications provider or data center and utilized through the internet. With the advancements in IP telephony, IP-PBXs are a viable solution for many companies to help run their business more efficiently and cost effectively. Clarus Communications provides hosted PBX solutions in combination with our network solutions to solve our client’s business issues.

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How can a VoIP PBX help my business?

There are many advantages of a hosted PBX. These include:

• Decreased resources to be tied up in equipment, building and facilities
• Lower start-up costs since it is a IP-PBX application
• Increased flexibility to business changes
• Easier to install and operate than digital PBX
• Allows for employees to work from home very easily

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