Conference Calling

Conference calling services carriers provide excellent services whether you need a few people on a conference call, or high capacity broadcast calls with hundreds of users.

Conference calling

Clarus Communications represents the most competitive conference calling services in the industry.

Moreover, these conference call carriers can help you leverage the power of the web by integrating web-conferencing services. Video Conference calls can be utilized for internal presentations, client product demonstrations, contract negotiations and even interviews of out-of-town candidates.

These conferencing calling services can all take place with a few clicks, and the crystal clear digital audio services from our premiere global conference call carriers.

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Voice conferencing

Travel costs are up but voice conferencing calling services rates are a fraction of the cost they were only a couple of years ago. International rates have fallen even further than domestic, as a percentage of cost. It is a great time for you to look at voice conferencing and see if it is an option for your company.

Also if you are putting your voice conference calls through your PBX then it might be time to move them to a more cost efficient method.

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