Communications as a Service

Communications as a Service, sometimes called CaaS, is the ability to work with a Communications service provider to outsource and put your phone system or other communications tools in a secure data facility. This is generally a Hosted VoIP Phone System or other communications applications.

Communications as a Service

Communications as a Service provides small, medium and enterprise clients exceptional flexibility and scalability without the capital expense of equipment.

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With all CaaS solutions, software updates are included as part of the solution eliminating the periodic costs.  Also since the communications as a service is in the cloud, you do not need all the personnel to run your outdated phone system.

Working with a Communications as a Service Provider, it is critical to understand what feature sets are important to you.

Clarus Communications works closely with our clients to understand where they are in relation to their VoIP needs and works to find the appropriate solution.

Communications as a Service Services include:

• Hosted VoIP
• Collaboration
• Call Center Solutions
• Email
• Google Apps for Business
• Microsoft Hosted Exchange

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