Cloud Outbound Dialer

Ever wish you had a cloud outbound dialer for your company?

Don’t have the financial resources to purchase a dialer on your own?

Only have an outbound call center with less than ten agents?

Clarus Communications can help!

Cloud Outbound Dialer

A cloud outbound dialer allows you to upload a list, dial into a real working dialer and make the necessary outbound calls for your campaign.   With our Cloud Outbound Dialer, you will be able to call up to 90 callers an hour with no contracts!

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Many times in sales it is extremely hard to get all your sales calls completed within a timely basis.  What if you could have a productive tool which helped close more deals?  How much would it be worth it to you?  What if it could just close one or two more accounts a month?  What if your account management team used it to call on current clients once or twice a month?  As you can see this tool can have a significant impact on your bottom-line!

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With our easy to use cloud outbound dialer you can be ready to go in just minutes!   No contracts or special software needed!   This productivity tool works great for various industries including insurance, healthcare, mortgage, home-based businesses and many more!

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